Who Is Blogging And Why

WHO is blogging

Hi am Taku Mugaviri, Well I am the Blogger.

Since i promised you guys to tell you a little about myself on this post I will get right into it.

My name is Takudzwa Mugaviri ( My friends call me Taku or TK, Tk is usually because they find it difficult to say the full name as it should be said ) I am 20 years old as i am writing this post and literally that sums it all up. I think this should be enough since I just a little about myself, nevertheless I enjoy discovering new stuff regardless of what it is, as long as its discovery. I came to know my interests 7 years ago when I was in secondary school, the school ain’t as famous ( Murewa High School ) but it wouldn’t hurt telling all the stories about it, my being there helped in shaping this me today.

Photographer Taku

I really enjoy doing a lot of things and writtinig is one of them, and that answers the question you where going to ask ( why do you blog? ), I also like Discovering new things as i said before, Drawing, Singing, Photography, Piano among other things you will get to know more as we go. I will stop talking about myself now, otherwise i will have not much to talk about, but I can’t finish without telling you about my obsession. Its my confession, I really love analysis and solving problems, something like coming up with solutions and helping people through their hard times. Awww and to help myself too, an article I just wrote some months ago was of great help to me just a few days ago …

Why blog

Do not try to take yourself away from the Earth because you didn’t bring yourself here, the only reason you are still alive is because there is still time to complete your mission.

Taku Mugaviri
photographer Taku

This question has been in my mind and trapped there for more than 6 months now, its actually a relief getting it out at last. I blog because of 2 main reasons, its fun and I raeally got love for it. These 2 are not the only reasons, but they are the main reasons I blog. Everytime I take my thoughts from their state of just being thoughts which only I can read and understand into something everyone can read and understand I get this feeling of satisfaction, you know that feeling like you just completed your chores or just graduated on a degree you have long waited to complete, yea thats how I feel. Besides being a blogger gives you a chance to help people and receive help yourself, so i might as well be doing more good to myself as I am doing others.

And there it is, a very short reason why I blog, passion and satisfaction.

Oh and the article I said helped me just a few days ago, its called ” Your Destiny Is Great ” . Inspiration does wonders in a man’s life, and zeal gives great drive. Inspiration comes dragging zeal along, and when you are inspired to do something you are made to believe that it is the right thing to do and most probably the best thing to do. The moment you have a thought of what you about to do being the best thing you can do then you are zealous, and thats the fuel that pumps the action. I can conclude my inspiration got overzealous and got me thinking for a long time, but before the candle got blown out the fuel kicked in and the place became ablaze.

Taku mugaviri IS BLOGGING because passion and satisfaction drove him to the door step.

  • ” Your Destiny Is Great “ cooming soon

Till you read again…

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