The Change Of Heart

Hi, welcome back. Seeing this is probably making you wonder, what is going on or what is he going to say about a change of heart, well don’t be troubled its just me about to open another site for some few reasons I am to tell you just now.

Have you ever really wanted something with your heart and you find something really close to that and you are very excited, but just a few moments after getting it you figure out that there is something better, the actual thing. Well this does not happen all the time but certainly one moment or another it happened to you. This is me trying to explain the change of heart I just got a few minutes ago. It is the way of life that everything comes with its challenges and we have got to face them when we want to cross over to the place we are seeing.This one I am working on, is really hard work 😓, I got a lot of pages to arrange and have to place super cool widgets in the right place. From my experience we dont always get the chance to go to the better bargain after we make our choices, since we would have spent all our efforts and perhaps all the money. For me the chance just came knocking by the door so I really have to take it. It’s just that the url is just too long and hard to memorise for a general user of the internet so the only way I rely on it is through the Link.

Change is inevitable. Change is constant.

Benjamin Disraeli

This is what I wanted, a site i can completley customise using blocks without having to do the code writing and stuff and there was WordPress promising to help. It helped me a great deal and finally got me going, but the unfortunate part is i am restricted someother feature which I would like to have so I decided to merge the websites with another and mmmm doing this is problably going to mean a shut down of some sort. I will try to make it as quick as possible and promise it wll not even take a week. On the other note 📝 I won’t close it, to keep you updated 😊.

Visit TM |LIFESTYLE for more updates.

Till you read again…

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