Taku Mugaviri

10 lines everyday the same book will make you an author by the end of the year. I was supposed to be talking about consistency and discipline in a whole but the two are just broad I mean they are huge topics that can’t be full explored in this short episode. This bring me to just being able to define the 2 terms, so what is discipline. The explanation is simple actually, it’s just telling yourself that this I won’t do and you don’t or I am going to di this and you make that you do it. There is nothing much to it definition other than a simple that the simplest of man can understand the concept, the mystery lies in why most of us are unable to execute something defined in such simplicity.

When you find yourself saying to the other self in you that hey you where wrong and you both agree even though you are one person then the direction is set for your journey towards self-discipline.

So, this type of discipline by name (self-discipline) implies that its self-imposed meaning no one has got to monitor you. This discipline come from within and show out, it is the one that produces character and personality.

What is consistency I mean why that of all things. We could have done all things randomly just waking each day and getting busy with your random lives. Most of us think that life is Random because we don’t know what tomorrow is like which is one of the largest mistakes we make. Consistency implies doing the same thing over and over again and not considering outside factors, regardless of rain you still go for your morning exercise if not the usual route but the usual amount f strain. When you believe that life is random you contradict not only what’s around you but the very essence of your existence and livelihood. Look at the day for example it always ends in 24 hours and the next day the sun always comes up. This level of constituency has even led us to the reluctancy of expecting a new day because ewe know that the some is coming up tomorrow. The world has become so consistent in its ways that we hardly even notice how life is not even a little bit close to randomness.

This is the power of consistency a total change of perception mindset change. Considering the 10 lines statement it’s the whole definition of Consistency.

10 lines show how specific you are going to be in terms of quantity.

Each day is another specific figure in form of time.

The books show the space of action where you are going to perform the act writing.

The last is time frame one year.

When you are consistent you don’t get to strain your self to achieve your goal and don’t mistake this for laziness, you will be doing them little by little until they are big enough for you to see them. You can never separate the two they are always together at all times like the ocean and water.