S1 E02 S.I.E

Taku Mugaviri

Having to wait to birth an idea is a good kind of wait. It is different from the patience that we usually encounter in our day to day lives. This is how I felt one night the night I made the second episode of starting isn’t everything. So, I later decided to do it anyway that night. So after having been told that starting isn’t everything before we fire up those engines there are a few things we got to understand. Get your things right, out your ideas on paper. Get your plan right

Get a paper a pen a dairy, some place you hold dear something that is very important to you then you right your vision down. Make sure your plan is as clear as possible because this is your guide, a motivation that you will need when you are in need of it. So, you got to acknowledge that this is not for you get a loan from the bank, or some rich guy to fund your project, so just do away with the flashy language make it as simple as possible that the moment you give a glance on it you get the whole picture. Try to avoid the scenario where you have to go and look for a dictionary to understand your own plan. If you want to build an empire you have got to get the foundations right isn’t it, we can’t build a 25floor building right from the ground at least we got to dig a little bit into the ground. There are few things that we got to understand before we start the whole journey. Things like constancy as well as discipline, but before we get far when you start are things going to be.

Just like we said starting is easy the moment you start the process quickly gets finished, now after that you got to keep on doing the same thing over and over again making progress day by day something most people call consistency. Here is a little advice I understand that life these days is a little faster than it used to be a couple years ago but get this and get it right. do not expert a Boom by tomorrow, am not saying you won’t have a Boom by tomorrow am saying don’t expect it tomorrow. Look at your vision and look at where you are going and keep going forward.

If you are discipled enough to wright 10 lines every day in the same book, do you know that by the end of the year you will be an author, but how many people are able to do that, just 10 lines everyday 365 days in the same book hmmm how many pages are those.

If you are able to do that for a year you will have written a book, 5 years that’s 5 books 10 years that is 10 books. This is what separates people from being alive and existing, the ability to be disciplined enough to achieve a goal.it doesn’t take big steps it takes steps and steps in the right direction.

This message is to help each other grow and be able achieve our God given purposes in life. Nothing is useless when put in its rightful position.

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