Classic: Manhood Consciousness


Manhood Consciousness

I got to admit the middle age period thrills me, but then as much as it does the 19th-century taste of men fashion is just impeccable. I’m not saying that everyone should like it, but I’m just a big fan.

Fashion seem to be changing as rapid as anything else in this world I can’t even tell if the classics are still the same, but vintage never dies. The only thing that fascinates me about fashion is, it seems as if it’s revolving around the circular object. The only thing that is changing is material used, at one point they used animal skin and then they changed to pure cotton and then they change the silk, but clothes size has always been varying .

The 21st-century has brought new teaching habits and dropped certain. Men apparel grooming or fashion grooming has lost its value only being taken by models, the general population they dressed as they please according to individual discretion. Not to say there is a standard way of addressing, but just suppose the fact that each way of dressing sends a message at all time.
Manhood is not a deep voice and beard as some might think, but it’s minute individual components brought together to make the fine gentleman.


Let us look at appearance. I will start with blazers for now. These is underestimated well crafted clothes, which have a strong effect on integrity. The deadliest criminal dressed in a blazer could be mistaken for the lawyer or a salesperson for the CEO. More than 3/4 of the worlds most respected people wear blazers, there you got your answer, integrity.

The 21st-century came with a few Changes and some tweaks on casual dressing for example the one vented American version and the double vented of the British version of Blazer occupying the Top bars of fashion boards.

Choice tips

Is it okay to use both type of blazers on formal dressing.

Do not use a double vented blazer on a casual dressing. Only the American version can be worn with jeans, chinos and shorts, you can also wear with a T-shirt. Pay particular attention to the type of blazer how it fits also consider this color. Not to wear a sky blue chinos and lime green blazer.
If you want to go casual, but slightly casual, not too casual, it’s better to wear chinos and not jeans.

It must not be too tight or two loose and you can wear it with a shirt. Sure your sleeves do not reach your fingers and your first button from the collar must not be beneath your navel.

Happy hunting hunting.

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