Little, Much Knowledge

Hello everyone! I hope this August is giving you a thrill as it is me. I would like say congratulations to my friend PoojaG her blog Lifesfinewhine just reached 10k followers. I mean she is thriving and making progress, Congratulations Lady.

I got to be honest with you guys, I never thought that personal productivity could keep me up the whole night without struggle or coffee backup. Recenlty I have been doing that, sleeping at 4am, though it has disturbed my sleeping partens it surely has done more good to me than watching movies. Yea movies, I am a big fan of movies, but now I am at the neck of breacking the habbit, I do admit the times were lovely though unproductive, but nice.

So after this late night adventure I woke up just after 9am which is pretty resonable counting the number of hours I slept and had this thought stuck in my head. For the past 12 to 18 months I have been developing one of the greatest habbits I have ever had, reading. Well to excell in school you have to study your text books and the likeand I figured out that if you want to excell in something else then you got to read something else.

Whenever you see a one page article try to read a third of it before throwing it away.

There is one funny fact of knowing too much and knowing to little. When I knew too little I thought I knew a lot and there was no motivtion to find more knowledge, so what the hack lets watch movies. After just a little over a year of little reading I know a lot of stuff I had no idea about, so my knowledge has increased but funny enough, the more you know the sooner you realise you don’t know.

This is how I went about it, I read what ever article that was before me in the street, on my cell phone, laptop and the ones just lying on the table in the house. I did not read the entire articles as such, but the start was worth the later.I did a little reading everyday, oh and some writing as well. The more you read the more you can write and be able to guage how much you have understood. One easy way to know you have understood just be able to put it down in the simplest way possible. So whenever you see a one page article for example, try to read one third of the paper.

Continuous endeavour and consistency will lead you to great things more than just knowledge, so keep the vision real.

Take some time to discover your passion and always remember you are the only one who can change your daily Habbits.

You guys do me a favor just comment on the Habbits you wanna change as well as what you have already changed.

Please Comment, follow and Like. I would love to know whats on your mind. A huge “thank you” to all who are supporting this blog and commenting on my post.

Till you read again…

3 thoughts on “Little, Much Knowledge

  1. PoojaG

    Thank you so much for the shoutout I really appreciate it and as for the habits I recently gave up caffeine- about an year ago- and I’m really happy I did I feel so much better!


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