The Key To Responsibility

photographer Taku

Just a few weeks ago I went to the lake by my school’s library, for a hobby I really enjoy, taking photos and there I was pointing my camera upon two lovely ducks which seem to be married in water and living a happily ever after kind of life. I took a few shots before I realised that the adorable creatures were cleaning themselves some sort of bathing. It made me wonder is responsibility a natural instinct or its something attainable.

Responsibility is not complicted, the word responsible actually means the right over ( authority ) something or someone to take care of it or the person if its someone. You see its quite a simple definition for a very much contributing factor to our lives.

why responsibility

Authority and care all come to us at different levels according to what we have and where we are. I have discovered that responsibilty is a natural instinct in everyone, I didnt believe it the first time either. Some people are just reckless and clumsy and oh boy irresponsible you can hardly trust them with themselves, but hey the truth of the matteris they got responsibilty built within them.


If you think anyone is irresponsible ask yourself these questions

  • Does the person eat?
  • What is it that the person enjoy to do?
  • What do they do when they get angry?

When you are able to get answers to these questions then you got your response to the question of built in responsibility. Generally these few questions are just as Maslow spoke of the need for water and food …, it is the same thing Jesus spoke of “worry not for your life what you will eat …” Matthew 6 vs 25.These are basic needs that everyone strives to get regardless of the cost, some steal to get it, others even abandon families. This is Self Responsibility the drive to keep yourself alive a zeal to see the next day.

Responsibily takes care what we just spoke of are the basic traits of responsibility in a human. The problem that we face now is unlocking the extra part that brings true happyness

True Happiness is when you help someone succed without expecting anything in return.


The key to responsibility is Passion.

Passion is one of the most powerfull feelings man can posses, it is the source of hate and anger a source of love and long suffering. The thing that makes Passion very dangerous is that it is vision oriented, passion has a goal. Visions only die when passion is shifted so does goals

I remember a time when I was in high school I really loved science 🧪 , well I had a passion for it. I would rather spend the entire night in the Lab to going to my room for sleep or going to play with other boys after school hours. the drive of passion pushes all other causes away. An example is Mother’s love, if she is greedy enough not to show love to her children and keep it to herself she is called irresponsible by the community. True happiness is when you help someone to succed without expecting anything in return

To Be Continued …

Till you read again…

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